DA14683: What are the PLT BLE address requirements for PRIVATE_CNTL mode operation?


The DA14683 is running in PRIVATE_CNTL mode (privacy 1.2).  We are planning on using the PLT for production programming and testing.

I understand that there are some requirements for specific bit configurations for BLE addresses in some modes, such as: Top two bits set for PRIVATE_STATIC_ADDRESS

I DO NOT want to burn an address into OTP and later find out that it is not valid.


1) If we are using PRIVATE_CNTL (privacy 1.2), when using the PLT to assign the BLE address, what requirements are there for the address that the PLT assigns?  Do any specific bits need to be set?  Said another way, what range of addresses are valid for PRIVATE_CNTL mode operation?

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