DA14683: What is the lowest sleep current when powering FLASH from 3.3V?


Hardware = DA14683 USB Kit Dev Board (DA14683-00A9DEVKT-U)

SDK = 1.0.14

FLASH = 128MB  = W25Q128JVSIM-ND

Modifications to USB Kit Dev Board:

1) Replaced FLASH with above part (with legs bent under to fit SMT pads)

2) Removed R57 (V18) and Installed 0ohm in R56 (V33).

3) Powering the U10 regulator directly (external 5V on TP28) and monitoring input current.

Running pxp_reporter, with custom_config_qspi.h modified for larger flash.


The pxp_reporter is running fine.  I can see the power levels transition between transmissions, sleep, and advertising.  Advertising rates change as expected.  That all looks good.

......But the issue is that the lowest sleep current is 165uA.  That seems high.  


1) What is the lowest sleep current you can expect when running the FLASH from 3.3V?

2) What can I do to reduce the sleep current when running the FLASH from 3.3V?  Configuration options?  How to power more stuff down?

3) Why are the only options for dg_configFLASH_CONNECTED_TO "1V8" and "1V8P"?  What should I set this #define to if I'm powering the FLASH from 3.3V?