DA14683: RF Master - Set TX Power During Tests?


Custom DA14683 Board

Newest SDK = (last updated in 2018)


This is really a continuation of this issue: https://community.renesas.com/wireles-connectivity/f/bluetooth-low-energy/28975/da14683-fcc-part-15-testing-setup-and-rf-functionality/99343#99343

In the sdk, there is a function to set the TX Power that takes a value from an enum.  Both shown here:

void hw_rf_set_tx_power_ble(HW_RF_PWR_LUT_SETTING lut)
    RFCU->RF_TX_PWR_BLE_REG = lut;
    rf_tx_power_luts.tx_power_ble = lut;

typedef enum {
        HW_RF_PWR_LUT_0dbm = 0,   /**< TX PWR attenuation 0 dbm */
        HW_RF_PWR_LUT_m1dbm = 1,  /**< TX PWR attenuation -1 dbm */
        HW_RF_PWR_LUT_m2dbm = 2,  /**< TX PWR attenuation -2 dbm */
        HW_RF_PWR_LUT_m3dbm = 3,  /**< TX PWR attenuation -3 dbm */
        HW_RF_PWR_LUT_m4dbm = 4,  /**< TX PWR attenuation -4 dbm */

As noted in this issue: community.renesas.com/.../da14683-at-what-point-during-power-up-is-the-ble-tx-power-level-set

"The hw_rf_set_tx_power_ble() is changing the TX power attenuation setting."

Ok.  So using that I should be able to set the TX power in my program.

.... but there appears to be no such option for setting the TX power in the SmartSnippets ToolBox RF Master.

If I'm using the PLT_FW and SmartSnippets Toolbox RF Master during FCC testing, how do I set the TX power level there to match what my program will be doing when it's running my firmware?

If the RF Master from the toolbox uses a higher TX power than my program does, then I could fail the FCC testing even through my program would be within limits.  


1) How do you set the TX power levels in the SmartSnippets Toolbox RF Master for the DA14683?


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