Difference between DA14531 and DA14531MOD

Hello, what is the difference between the DA14531 and DA14531MOD? In the past, I wrote code for DA14531, can the same code be used for the DA14531MOD?

Thank you

  • Hi Kerby,

    Thank you for posting your question online. 

    Yes, your code on DA14531 is going to work on DA14531MOD. 
    The DA14531 SmartBond TINY Module is the first Dialog Semiconductor Bluetooth® Low Energy module based on world’s lowest power DA14531 SoC. The module offers a unique combination of the lowest power and the integration of all external components including antenna at a very affordable price. Also, the DA14531MOD has an integrated SPI Flash while DA14531 will need one externally. 
    You might need to change inside the user_periph_setup.h (on your old code) your GPIOs configuration if you want to use the SPI Flash on DA14531MOD.

    Kind Regards,