How to capture GPADC data through RFMON interface?



The document REN_DA1470x_Errata_1v1_DVE_20220928.pdf mentions following information:


5.25 RFMON Fails to Capture GPADC Data when SYS_CLK is Asyncronous to CMAC_CLK

5.25.1 Effect

RFMON fails to capture GPADC data.

5.25.2 Conditions

When SYS_CLK is async to CMAC_CLK.

5.25.3 Technical Description

No synchronization exists between the GPADC_RESULT (sys_clk) and the RFMON (cmac_clk). This means that when the GPADC is running on an asynchronous clock (mainly RCHS, but also SYS_CLK = PLL and CMAC_CLK = XTAL32M) intermediate data will be sampled and can be corrupted.

5.25.4 Workaround

Run GPADC and CMAC on synchronous clocks.


Is there any example to demonstrate how to capture GPADC data through RFMON interface?


Thanks in advance!


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