OLED display interface on da14531

Hi Team,
Do you have any driver and compatibility to run an oled display on your da14531 platform?
Will there be any challenge to running your platform via I2C? I have a sensor connected to an I2C that outputs want to display on an OLED display (I2C).
Did you have any driver or example-based SSD1306 display?
  • Hi Lofna,

    Thank you for posting your question online.
    Unfortunately, I do not think we have an OLED display example available for DA14531. 
    I believe you can find drivers online for SSD1306 display. You can follow their logic and use our I2C APIs to implement them inside DA14531 platform. 
    I will keep searching internally if we find any examples using OLED display (I2C). If I find anything I will update you here.

    Kind Regards,