How can I communicate with DA14531 module in DSPS mode with 2 wire uart?


I want to use DSPS mode for communication and I want to use 2 wire uart. I know binary mode but I dont want use AT commands. I want the module to be in communication mode as soon as it starts. I don't want to put it into mode by sending AT commands.

  • Hi Cihan,

    Thank you for posting your question online.
    The DSPS is supported with 4-Wire UART and FlowControl.
    As you can see on the DSPS Getting Started Guide:2. Getting Started — DSPS Getting Started (

    Inside our CodeLess projects you saw that you can enter binary mode. The binary mode of the AT commands (CodeLess) application is a stripped-down version of the DSPS and operates at a much lower transmission rate compared to the DSPS application. To provide a sense of perspective, the UART baudrate in the AT commands binary mode is operating at 57600 baudrate while in DSPS it is configurable up to 921600 baudrate.This is the main reason you will need RTS and CTS pins connected.
    Is there a reason why you do not want to connect RTS and CTS?

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  • I have custom design and my mcu have not any pin for rts and cts. 57600 is enough for me. I have some issues with binary mode. I cannot enter binary mode before android device is connected. This poses a big problem for me. That's why I want to use dsps. I must be ready to communicate as soon as the device is connected.

  • Hi Cihan,

    Thank you for the reply.
    Since you want to use 57600 as your baudrate you could try it but we will have to recommend having 4-Wire UART. Please follow the Getting Started Guide I shared above for DSPS and keep in mind as well: UM-B-088: DA145x User Manual for Dialog Serial Port Service (
    Yes, in CodeLess you will have to be connected in order to enter Binary mode. You could configure the CodeLess SDK so it goes on Binary Mode exactly the moment you connect with your other device.

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