DA14531 SUOTA - Invalid product header

After a successful OTA operation, the succeeding OTA operation keeps giving an error message "Invalid product header" on SUOTA app with an update option to the oldest image-bank.

I would like to try running the OTA operations with two image files to update chip backwards and forwards. Please hint how to solve this situation. Thanks.

The following figures are the comparisons of the header parts between the content read from chip and the content burned to chip, after the successful OTA operation.

A difference is found starting at 0x10008, i.e. the CRC and Version and Timestamp of image. Is there any constraint on the format of the Version string?

Multipart Image Header at 0x0000 

Single Image Header at 0x04000 

Single Image Header at 0x10000 

Product Header at 0x1F000 

This is the information read from device on SUOTA app after the successful OTA operation.