can't use toolbox to program DA14585 development kit basic


1. Trying to use SmartSnippets Toolbox v5.0.22 to program my DA14585 development kit, able to connect but can't flash or read:

2. How do I configure my development kit basic + toolbox to program an external device (ISM14585)? 

  • Hi Joe,

    Thank you for posting your question online.
    You are trying to program your DA14585 Daughterboard via JTAG or UART?

    How do I configure my development kit basic + toolbox to program an external device (ISM14585)? 

    By external device you are referring on the DA14585 Daughterboard or another custom board?

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi,

    I believe I am programming via JTAG.

    By external device I mean another custom board. But I'm also interested in why I couldn't use Toolbox to program the dev kit's DA14585 (the one on the dev kit itself).


  • HI Joe,

    Thank you for the reply.
    Regarding the DA14585 Development Kit Basic:
    Please refer on UM-B-048, on chapter 4.2 Configuring the Basic Kit Board by Jumper Settings, on page:6. 
    Have you set the Jumper for SWD interface and in order to boot from External SPI memory?

    Regarding your custom board:
    The DA14585 Development Kit Basic has an MCU with SEGGER License, so by connecting the SWD pins (SWDIO, SWDCLK) along with Vcc and Ground you should be able to program your custom board as well.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi OV_Renesas,

    Thank you so much for your prompt response. I very much appreciate the quick responses, and hope you can help me and resolve these issues.

    1. In regards to programming the dev kits DA14585 via toolbox:

    I've tried to adhere to the datasheet, but I still cannot read or erase: Perhaps there's very specific pinouts I need for the board setup?

    [INFO Flash Code@23-05-17 15:27:51] Started erasing from 0x00 to 0x6474 (7 sectors)
    [ERROR Flash Code@23-05-17 15:27:51] Memory erasing failed.
    [INFO Flash Code@23-05-17 15:29:17] Started burning memory with 25716 bytes of data at address 0x00.
    [ERROR SPI Flash Programmer@23-05-17 15:29:18] Adddittional error info at JTAG address 0x7FC7C0C. (MSB first): FF FF FF F8.
    [ERROR Flash Code@23-05-17 15:29:18] Fail write 16384 bytes at offset 0x00
    [ERROR Flash Code@23-05-17 15:29:18] Failed burning memory.

    2. As regard to flashing an external board:

    Thank you for the assistance. I've been able to flash the device using the following pinout. My subsequent issue is that I cannot see any logs. The logs I have below me does not look like the logs from my external device, as it does that even when I unplug. How do I use Tera Term to see the log printouts from my external device?

    Thank you

  • I should add that since my external device is ISM14585, I have a different board setup for programming external devices:

  • Hi Joe,

    Thank you for the reply.
    Which version of the ISM14585 device you got? Does it have any SPI Flash? If yes, which part number?
    1. In regard to programming the DA14585 Development Kit Basic via toolbox:
    Have you programmed the Development Kit before? Does the DA14585 which is on board actively running any code? 
    From the image you shared, I believe you have the correct dip switch placed in order to burn your SPI Flash.
    Are you able to download code into the SRAM or is this an issue only with SPI Flash?
    2. In regard to programming the ISM14585 board:
    Glad you were able to program your ISM14585 board via the Development Kit Basic SWD interface. 
    In order to use the Tera Term Terminal you will have to use a Serial to USB module. The DA14585 Development Kit Basic has a FTDI which communicates from Serial to USB to PC.
    Please refer on UM-0-48 on chapter 5:

    The dip switches you have set on your Development Kit board for UART implementation is for the DA14585 which is integrated on board, you will have to connect those pins with the ones on your ISM14585 board in order to see the output on tera term or work with any other USB to Serial Module.
    From my understanding the ISM14585 board was designed to work with Development Kit Pro. 

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi, the module's part number is: ISM14585-L35-P8. it contains 8mb flash.

    1. I have used the debugger on KEIL uVision to flash on the blink before, and I could see on tera it doing the blink messages. Was testing with toolbox to see if hex/bin's would work. I am not trying to use SRAM because I was encountering an issue there the device would halt instead of reboot, and I'd like to see the logs of that happening, and I was told that SRAM would not reboot when crashed.

    2. I see, so with a basic development kit and just the power + swd pins, I cannot debug? Is it possible to debug using those 4 pins but a dev kit pro?

  • Just to clarify, I'd like to debug external boards without using uVision.

    For the ISM14585-L35-P8, if we do need additional pins for debugging (referring to the uart), are there specific pins I would need?

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