DA14531 Extended Advertisement to transfer more data than the Standard Advertisement data limit(32Bytes)

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Module: DA14531MOD

Is there support for Extended Advertisement as per Bluetooth 5.1? In my application I am using Unconnected broadcast to advertise the data and need to transfer more data hence I am looking for Extended Advertizement support as DA14531 claims it supports Bluetooth 5.1. 

I was thinking of implementing chunks of 200 bytes or more if Extended Advertisement supports and in the data packet header(custom) I can indicate the total bytes in the data and whether the complete data has been transferred in that chunk, just like file transfer chunks. However, the current 32 bytes with Standard Advertisement is very small in size for chunks as it has to transfer multiple times, hence looking for an Extended Advertisement feature.

I checked the support questions and I found this question: advertising-extensions. However, it says the DA14531 does not support it, is this true even now?

And also the suggestion from the above forum thread "Except from the advertising data, you can also use the scan response data" - If I use scan response data, what was the maximum data that it can transfer? Is this still achievable in unconnected mode? I feel Scan Requests from Central device can come only in connected mode. Please correct me if my understanding is not correct.

The referred example describes with connected mode, however, I need unconnected mode. Is there any reference example available to send a large amount of data(over 500 bytes, or at least multiple chunks ) over unconnected mode, or any approach that you can suggest?

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