DA14531MOD example code for SmartSnippets Studio


       I had use DA14683 with SmartSnippets Studio before. SmartSnippets Studio is good and free IDE tool.

       NowI am new user for DA14531MOD, but DA14531 SDK more keil mdk example code and less SmartSnippets Studio example code.

      Where  can download DA14531MOD example code with SmartSnippets Studio IDE?     





  • Hi There,

    Thank you for posting your question online.
    For the DA145xx family of devices and SDK6 you will need Keil MDK. 
    We have only a few examples available for Eclipse IDE. If you want to develop an application with DA145xx you should use Keil IDE so you can have full access on all of our examples and tutorials.
    The SmartSnippets Studio should be used for the family of devices DA1468x, DA1469x and DA147xx. 

    Kind Regards,