Unable to link BLE_SDK6_examples to the main SDK

Hey all!

I have been working on DA14531 micro - controller, using keil uVision application software to develop a firmware and Dialog Smartbond Flash Programmer application software to load the same.

Details of the hardware/ software applications:
1. DA14531: Micro - controller that is being used.
2. Keil uVision5: Application to develop the firmware and generate a hex file to load the same.
3. Dialog Smartbond Flash Programmer v1.0.8: Application to load the firmware.
4. J - link (Segger JTAG): The interface used to load the firmware.
5. SDK_6.0.18: SDK that has basic in-built examples [the main SDK].
6. BLE_SDK6_examples: SDK that has advertising in-built examples.

The aim is to achieve the working of DA14531 as a beacon with necessary application.
Hence, I would want to link the the above mentioned SDK ie BLE_SDK6_examples to the main used SDK ie SDK_6.0.18.

I tried following the steps mentioned in the section named "EXAMPLE USAGE" of the below website but failed linking them both ie the BLE_SDK6_examples'folder doesn't seem to appear within the SDK_6.0.18 folder.

The reference link: github.com/.../Readme.md

The above link also has the BLE_SDK6_examples that I'm trying to link to the main SDK.

I also tried the same using the SDK_6.0.16.1144 instead of SDK_6.0.18, yet resulted in failure.

PFA the screenshot of the error when tried building the iBeacon code present within the BLE_SDK6_examples' folder before I tried linking the SDKs to one another. Also, the same was observed after I followed the steps for linking.

I highly appreciate any help. TIA.

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