To reduce power consumption

Hey all!

I have been working on DA14531 micro - controller, using keil uVision application software to develop a firmware and Dialog Smartbond Flash Programmer application software to load the same.

Details of the hardware/ software applications:
1. DA14531: Micro - controller that is being used.
2. Keil uVision5: Application to develop the firmware and generate a hex file to load the same.
3. Dialog Smartbond Flash Programmer v1.0.8: Application to load the firmware.
4. J - link (Segger JTAG): The interface used to load the firmware.
5. SDK_6.0.18: SDK that has basic in-built examples [the main SDK].

The aim is to achieve the working of DA14531 as a beacon with necessary application.

The above involves the use of extended sleep mode as well where the advertising interval is set to 1.3sec so the device advertises, goes to sleep and wakes up to perform the same on loop, the current consumption when checked on power profiler application is observed to be as follows:

1. Overall average power: 19.57 uA

2. Peak power: 3.27 mA

3. Average power when in extended sleep mode: 11.91 uA

PFA a screenshot of the same.

Can the current consumed during sleep time be reduced any further?

Any help shall be appreciated. TIA!

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