DA14531MOD - Bluetooth certification

Hi Renesas's Guys

  in my company we developed a product equipped with DA14531MOD.

The firmware used is based on DSPS (https://www.renesas.com/us/en/software-tool/serial-port-service-sps) with just a couple of modifications to adapt it to our needs.

All modification are only in UserApplication. No modification in SDK or bluetooth stack.

Now we are in release stage and we are approaching Bluetooth Product Registration.

In DA14531MOD datasheet I can find QDID subsystems for host, controller and profiles.

But during the listing process it is no possible to include QDID for profile subsystem because it reference to withdrawn specification (https://launchstudio.bluetooth.com/ListingDetails/94761).

Here my questions:

  • because in DSPS application is used only the GATT-based profiles (as stated in par 4.3 of DSPS user manual https://www.renesas.com/us/en/document/mat/um-b-088-da145x-user-manual-dialog-serial-port-service ) can we use only the QDIDs for controller and host subsystems?
  • If in the future we would use a specific profile (HRP, TIP, ANP, ...) have we to redo (and pay again) the product registration process?
  • Just to include a backdoor to use specific profile, can QDID 149894  and 165047 for profile subsystem (qualified and registered by Dialog/Renesas) be used also if they are not referenced by DA14531 datasheet?