da14531mod DSPS device advertising name

HI, i'm using a DA14531mod as a DSPS server device, flashed with precompiled binaries (obtained from SDK: DSPS_6.150.4.50).

the DA14531mod is connected to a MCU via a 4-wire UART.

The intended use for the DA14531 is to expose a generic RX/TX BLE Service that allows data to be received by the module which will forward it to the main MCU that will process it and send it back (the other way around). Basically, the DA14531 will act as a "BLE bridge".

By default, given the precompiled DSPS binaries, the advertising name of the module is "SPS_531".

Does the DSPS allow to change the advertising name RUNTIME? if yes, how can i achieve it?

I'd like to achieve the following: during production phase, the MCU is flashed with its own FW, and the DA14531 is flashed with the DSPS device binary. Our boards are then uniquely labeled and this label is saved (as a string) inside the MCU non-volatile memory. I'd like the main MCU, upon power up, to send this name to the DA14531 which set it as its advertising name.

do you have any suggestions?