DA14531 Tiny module

I could not assign firmware to the DA14531MOD bluetooth module and
I could not talk to it with AT commands.
Could you please help me with this?

programs that I have.

-SmartSnippetS studio

-SmartSnippets Toolbox

materials I have available.

-DA14531MOD bluetooth module (tiny module)
-STM32f407 development board
-jumper cable

I don't have a development card from your company 
and I can't get one anytime soon.

Can you please help me complete my project?

I'm not sure if the hex file for which I will make the firmware is correct,
can you share a link with me for that?
  • Hi There,

    Thank you for posting your question online.
    I would first suggest you use the DA14531MOD with the FTDI cable to test the AT commands and after that move on to the Host MCU.
    Let me list the steps you should follow:

    1) Connect all GND pins to Ground.
    2) Connect 3.3V to VBAT
    3) If you have J-Link probes, you can attach them on VBAT, GND, P0_10/SWDIO and P0_2SWCLK to download your Codeless Firmware.
    If you do not have J-Link probes, you can use the FTDI cable to download the Codeless Firmware via 1-Wire UART.
    4) Download Codeless SDK
    5) Select any binary you want for your application from the following path: ...\Codeless\6.380.16.55\binaries\531
    6) In order to do 1-Wire UART programming you will need the following connections:

    DA14531MOD FTDI Cable
    P0_5/ RxTx Rx

    You will need to add 1kOhm resistor between Rx and Tx on the FTDI Cable side. 
    You will also need to be ready to connect RST pin (P0_0) to HIGH (VBAT) in order to trigger the 1-Wire UART Programming.
    7) Open SmartSnippets Toolbox, and on the Board (top right) select DA14531 and only the UART option with the COM of the FTDI

    8) Go on Configurator tab--> Board Setup--> Select P0_5 for 1-Wire UART:

    9) Go on Programmer tab--> Flash Code--> Click on Connect button (bottom right) 
    You will be prompted in the Log Window to trigger the RST pin. Connect P0_0 to 3.3V for 1 second and remove the jumper. 
    The Reset should be detected and you should be able to connect to the DA14531:

    10) Click on Import from File (bottom left corner) and navigate to find the pre-compiled Codeless binaries inside the Codeless SDK as stated in step 5.
    11) Read the contents of the SPI Flash and then click on the Burn button to download the Codeless Binary into the SPI Flash. 

    Time to test the Codeless Firmware
    12) Close SmartSnippets Toolbox and use the following connections with the FTDI cable:

    DA14531MOD FTDI Cable
    P0_6 (Tx) Rx
    P0_5 (Rx) Tx
    P0_7 (RTS) CTS
    P0_8 (CTS) RTS

    13) Open TeraTerm (or any other Terminal) and set the baudrate to 57600 and trigger the Reset Pin to load the Codeless image from the SPI Flash. 

    After all this steps, you should be able to send AT commands to the DA14531MOD.

    Finally, if you want to use the STM Host MCU, you will need to make similar connections. 
    Please also refer on our STM Host MCU + DA14531 Codeless Example from our GitRepo:
    BLE_SDK6_examples/interfaces/external-processor-stm32 at main · dialog-semiconductor/BLE_SDK6_examples · GitHub

    Best Regards,

  • Thank you very much for your reply.
    All my problems were solved. Thank you.
  • Hii i have DA14531MOD

    But by following above procedure it is not working can u please support DA14531MOD

    I want to use it with rx71m & rl78 is it any another solution using it

  • Hi There,

    Thank you for the reply.
    Please create a new post since this post is quite old and resolved.
    Please also share more information on your design.

    Best Regards,