Questions on DA14531 application

I want to make a gadgets based on DA14531,intergrated with external flash , eInk display and some keys.

This is my first time to use these chips/peripheral, mybe missed some restriction,so,welcome any advices.

These are the basic ideas:

1) DA14531 as application MCU & wireless function provider;

2) eInk as displayer;

3) application code stored in external flash(maybe burn into OTP later, up to the FW size);

4) build keyBoard with ADC function;

    This is not confirmed till now.

   I hope I can use keyBoard controller ,GPIO interrupt and ADC together.

   There is a pivotal question: Is interrupt function available when the PIN set as analog input mode?

   I did not find clear info stating this in DA14531 datasheet.

   Extend I/O inputs is needed for the I/O is not so much for DA14531.

5) external flash & eInk share the SPI bus together with different CS pin;

6) RESET assigned with separate pin(defalut pin P0_0);

The SPI bus will be busy during app running,so we can't let RESET share same pin with SPI bus like USB dongle.scsch

7) app will support central and client at the same time;

4 gadgets cooperate together, anyone of them works in central mode,the remainning in client mode;

8) the design based on design of USB dongle,antenna will use design of Dialog;

9) eInk part copied from design of vendor. 

Why can't I upload .sch file? origal .sch file zipped with winrar:da14531.rar