How to reduce the power consumption of startup of DA14531

Dear Dialog,

I am testing the ble_app_barebone example and modify it to advertise the measured value of the build-in temperature sensor. Now I can advertise the temperature as I expect, but I measured the startup power consumption is relatively large, which is mainly caused by the long startup time lasting around hundreds of ms. Is there any method I can adopt to reduce the startup time?

According to the table below, does it that mean if I burn the FW into OTP, I only need 35.5uC (7.5+17.1+10.9) to complete the startup. 

But 35.5uC does not satisfy my need as well. How could I reduce the charge further? I want to realize the startup process within 12uC under the supply voltage of  3.3V.

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  • yes, about SW/BLE initialization DA14592 with Cortex M33 cpu 64MHz Max, DA14531 with Cortex M0+ 16MHz Max.

    But DA14592 run with FreeRTOS, so, it's hard to compare without test. But currently we do not have the related testing data available. 

    8.31ms is boot from OTP, with flash will take more time.

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