DA16200mod FreeRTOS Hostname

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didnt found the place where i can change the hostname of the Module. 

Any document or file / function to watch for?


Thanks Tecomon

  • Hi PM_Dialog,

    as stated above the usage is, to let the people managing networks know which device is in the network.

    Also, it could be that there are multiple products with the same hostname in this scenario. Which can cause troubles aswell when using, hostnames for requests.


    As far i know mDNS is only needed if the router doesnt act as DNS server or to route a certrain request list "hostname.local" to a certain device.

    The hostname itself is or at least should be not dependant on mDNS.


    Console log is following but as far i saw, theres no output at all besides from the ones we included.


    Thanks, Tecomon

  • Former MemberAny answer to this question? I'm also interested in how to make our device have a custom name that is shown in the router, as opposed to `DA16200_D29C`.

    mDNS host is not it.

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  • Hi ST-Kon,

    Please refer on the last answer on this ticket.
    Please check dhcp_option_hostname() function in dhcp.c file.

    The name is CHIPSET_NAME_MACADDR[5:4] by default.

    It is placed in "\core\libraries\3rdparty\lwip\src\core\ipv4\dhcp.h"

      snprintf(tmp_hostname, 20, "%s_%02X%02X",
                 CHIPSET_NAME, netif->hwaddr[4], netif->hwaddr[5]);

    "CHIPSET_NAME" is defined in "\core\system\include\common\sdk_type.h" as follow.

    #define CHIPSET_NAME “DA16200”

    You can modify the hostname:
    snprintf(tmp_hostname, 20, "Customer_Test_STA");

    If you have any further questions or issues, please raise a new ticket.

    Kind Regards,