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DA16200 SDK Peripheral Examples

Hi there,

I'm using the FreeRTOS version of the DA16200 SDK (v3.2.2.0), DA16200MOD hardware, and I have a question about the "SFLASH_API_sample" project (UM-WI-055 pg 188).

Does this example code test the 4MB SFLASH within the DA16200MOD or an external flash connected to the "F" pins (F_CLK, F_CSN, F_IO0, F_IO1, F_IO2, F_IO3)?

If this example does not test a flash external to the module, is there an example project that tests an external flash and the "F" pins at all?

Thanks so much for your time!


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  • Hi Priyanka,

    Thank you for your online question and for your interest in our DA16200MOD solution.

    This example code tests the in-module 4MB SFLASH. Please keep in mind that the "F" pins are actually the pins internally connecting the DA16200 with the in-module 4MB SFLASH and are also exposed as module pins. You can test this by running the example and probing these pins with a logic analyser. The transactions between the DA16200 and the in-module flash will appear in the "F"pins.

    Please also note that we only support the 4 MB flash in the SDK. 

    Best regards,

  • AA_Renesas,

    Thanks so much for this info, really clears up a whole lot for me!

    Thanks for your help,