DA16200 error handling +WFJAP:0,OTHER,0

Hi, I have developed da16200mod for wifi communication.

Sometimes, DA16200mod is in unconnectable state to wifi ap.

It is responsed to '+WFJAP:0,OTHER,0'. After abnormal disconnection (mcu power reset, etc...)

It always response '+WFJAP:0,OTHER,0' about at cmd 'AT+WFJAP='ssid',4,1,'pass''.

Sometimes after a few attempts it could be connected... 

How should I handling this error? I currently handle factory reset for this error response ' +WFJAP:0,OTHER,0'.

But, It doesn't help.

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  • Hi maibi, 

    Thanks for sharing the SDK version. I would also need some extra inputs so that I can check this with our Team internally. 

    1/ Is it a custom board or Renesas DK? 

    2/ Please provide the full AT Commands sequence so we can replicate it . 

    3/ Share the logs fro the console. 

    The +WFDAP:0 should be displayed when the AP is turned off. Can you also check the AP ?