How To Configure DA16200MOD For WPA2 Enterprise

We are using the DA16200 Module in a custom IoT Data Logger design that we are currently validating our hardware and software.

We are using SDK Version V3.3.3.0 AWS Door lock Reference.

We need to configure the WIFi Network Security for WPA2 Enterprise.  We don't see any documentation or examples on how to configure the DA61200 module for this security mode.

Would you please provide documentation and examples on how to do this so we can test with our Access Point and with our customer's Access Point.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi James,

    Thank you for posting your question online and your interest in our Wi-Fi products.
    Please check our User Manual DA16200 DA16600 AT Command: UM-WI-003 DA16200 DA16600 AT Command User Manual (
    You can find on 8.2 Wi-Fi Function Commands for WPA Enterprise, page: 61

    You should also see on 8.2.1 WPA-Enterprise Connection Example, page:63 

    Kind Regards,

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the information that you provided.  This is helpful.

    However, our custom hardware is not designed to be able to use the UART0 or UART1 for use of the AT Commands.

    UART1 on our board is user to connect to a USB to UART dongle that connects to our PC and serves as a command line interface and UART1 connects to a Display.

    We need a way to configure the WiFi Function commands for WPA2 Enterprise without using the AT Commands.

    Currently we use the setup command to configure the WiFi for plain old WPA security where we enter the SSID and the passphrase key.  Is there a method to implement this type of solution for WPA2 Enterprise?

    We have to have WPA2 Enterprise for our product.

    Is it possible to use UART0 with the AT commands?  If this is possible, can you provide information on how we implement this?



  • Hi James,

    Thank you for the reply.
    As you can see on the DA16200 Datasheet, 10.2 UART Registers, page: 96

    If you want to use UART2 for the AT commands, you should go on config_generic_sdk.h file and define the appropriate macro:

    // SUB-features for Generic-SDK
        #if defined ( __SUPPORT_ATCMD__ )
            // Default interface of DA16200 EVK is UART1.
            // User can change host-interface kind to change as below four-types one.
            #define __ATCMD_IF_UART1__                          // AT-CMD over UART1
            #undef  __ATCMD_IF_UART2__                          // AT-CMD over UART2
            #undef  __ATCMD_IF_SPI__                            // AT-CMD over SPI
            #undef  __ATCMD_IF_SDIO__                           // AT-CMD over SDIO
            #undef  __UART1_FLOW_CTRL_ON__                           // flow control of UART1

    Regarding the WPA2 Enterprise implementation:
    You can set on the set_cstomer_softap_config function which is located on the system_start.c file the ap_config_param->auth_type to AP_SECURITY_MODE and
      /* Set to user costomer's configuration */
        ap_config_param->customer_cfg_flag = MODE_DISABLE;    // MODE_ENABLE, MODE_DISABLE

    I would also suggest checking on UM-WI-046, chapter 4. NVRAM, page:53
    Please also see chapter 7 on page:56. You can find information on how to store/read data from the NVRAM and some code snippets examples.

    .Keep also in mind that on atcmd.c file you can find the implementation for the AT commands I shared on my previous answer.

    Kind Regards,

  • Thanks for your reply.  Currently in order for us to configure a UART for use with AT Commands we would need to revise our hardware design, so use of a UART is not feasible at this time!!!!

    Shown below is our current NVRAM environment variables for WPA2 setup.

    [/DA16200] # nvram
    Command-List is changed, "NVRAM"
    [/DA16200/NVRAM] # getenv

    Total length (318)
    country_code (STR,03) ........ US
    N0_Profile (STR,02) .......... 1
    N0_ssid (STR,12) ............. "Jfethome2"
    N0_psk (STR,13) .............. "Football95"
    N0_key_mgmt (STR,08) ......... WPA-PSK
    N0_proActKeyCaching (STR,02) . 0
    SYSMODE (STR,02) ............. 0
    MQTT_DUTY_CYCLE (STR,04) ..... 900
    0:DNSSVR (STR,08) ............
    0:DNSSVR2 (STR,15) ...........
    SNTP_RUN_FLAG (STR,02) ....... 1
    AWS_PORT (STR,04) ............ 443
    AWS_KEEPINTER (STR,05) ....... 1200
    AWS_OTARC (STR,04) ........... 255
    TZONE (STR,07) ............... -18000

    For WPA2 Enterprise configuration, the following WiFi network environment variables as shown in the AT Command Manual are required to configured.

    ,,, [,] Create Enterprise profile to NVRAM. : Enterprise AP SSID. : Authentication mode for WAP-Enterprise. 8 (WPA-EAP), 9 (WPA2-EAP), 10 (WPA/WPA2-EAP). : Encryption Type. 0 (TKIP), 1 (AES), 2 (TKIP+AES). : Phase #1 EAP type. 0 (Mixed), 1 (PEAP0), 2 (PEAP1), 3 (FAST), 4 (TTLS), 5 (TLS) : Phase #2 EAP type. 0 (Mixed), 1 (MSCHAPV2), 2 (GTC) ,,, [,] Create Enterprise profile to NVRAM. : Enterprise AP SSID. : Authentication mode for WAP-Enterprise. 8 (WPA-EAP), 9 (WPA2-EAP), 10 (WPA/WPA2-EAP). : Encryption Type. 0 (TKIP), 1 (AES), 2 (TKIP+AES). : Phase #1 EAP type. 0 (Mixed), 1 (PEAP0), 2 (PEAP1), 3 (FAST), 4 (TTLS), 5 (TLS) : Phase #2 EAP type. 0 (Mixed), 1 (MSCHAPV2), 2 (GTC)

    , Set User-ID / Password for WPA-Enterprise user account. : Login-ID for WPA-Enterprise user account : Login-Password for WPA-Enterprise user account

    Would you please provide an example of what commands we should issue in order for these variables to be configured in NVRAM!!!

    We are still not clear how we can configure and set these variables in NVRAM without having to use AT Commands!!!

  • Hi James,

    Thank you for the reply.
    Let me search internally if I am able to find any examples available for WPA2 Enterprise implementation inside our SDK and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards,

  • OV_Renesas,

    Were you able to find any examples on how to configure WPA2 Enterprise?  Remember we don't have the ability to use AT Commands.  We are in need of getting WPA2 Enterprise working so we can start field trials of our product!!!

  • Hi James,

    Apologies for the delay and thank you the reply.
    I have raised an internal ticket regarding this and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi James,

    Apologies for the delay.
    The WPA2 Enterprise is supported (without AT commands) only on our latest SDK v3.2.6.
    You can download it from here:
    You can also find the AWS IoT Reference for SDK v3.2.6 here:
    WPA2 is supported by default in this version.  You will not need to activate any feature.

    Kind Regards,

  • Thanks for the update and for the information.  We understand!!!

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