How to get UART working on RA6M5?

I'm trying to get UART working in our project. I'm working on RA6M5 MCU.
I looked at the example "ra-fsp-examples-master\ra-fsp-examples-master\example_projects\ek_ra6m5\sci_uart\sci_uart_ek_ra6m5_ep\iar" in IAR 9.10. I noticed that the TX is P101, RX is P100. For us, the TX is P409; the RX is P408. How can I change the PIN configuration to make it work for our design?
Actually I also created my project. I added the UART stack(r_sci_uart). When I tried to configure the RX and TX, I can't configure it for P408 and P409. How can I setup the PIN for RX and TX?
Is there any document about how to get UART working?

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