RA FSP MQTT/TLS Azure Cloud Connectivity Solution


I am using the EK-RA6M3 evaluation kit with the overall goal of connecting to Thingsboard (IoT platform) using Renesas RA6M3 Micro, and Azure RTOS using NetX Ethernt Connection. I have used this tutorial which connects to Azures IoT Hub however I'm having issues getting the message to publish: 

RA FSP MQTT/TLS Azure Cloud Connectivity Solution Application Note (renesas.com)

I can build the project with no errors however the RTT viewer gives the following response: 

I believe I've completed the configuration correctly both in E2 studio and on the Azure IoT side however I'm unsure to why the message is failing to publish. This was only meant to be an intermediate step until I send the data to the desired endpoint (Thingsboard) so any help or suggestions would be hugely appreciated.