R_USB_ClassTypeGet returns internal value instead of usb_class_t?


Just noticed this issue and was wondering if it is intended. When working with the R_USB_ClassTypeGet you should write the value of p_ctrl->type to the address of the given usb_class_t pointer. However usb_class_t enum starts at the value 0x80 whereas p_ctrl->type gives a value that is 128 lower due to a piece of code where it lowers its usb_class_t value for the usb_class_internal_t enum. When you request the value for comparison in code you will receive the usb_class_internal_t value written to usb_class_t which breaks checks for which class is active. Small example:

    usb_class_t USBInfo;
    R_USB_ClassTypeGet(&g_basic0_ctrl, &USBInfo);
    if(USBInfo == USB_CLASS_HCDC){

// This should be valid However the value of USBInfo is 7 (USB_CLASS_INTERNAL_HCDC) instead of 135 (USB_CLASS_HCDC)

//Therefore this fails

    return USBInfo;

Solution is obviously to count 128 back to the value given by R_USB_ClassTypeGet but this seems like unintended behaviour since you request a value of type usb_class_t and get usb_class_internal_t and no comment explaining that you need to do this.

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