Hi all!

I would like to know when the FSP will be released for the BLE MCU of the RE Family, the RE01B.

From the Renesas website it's still missing and even the CMSIS Package for this MCU is unavailable despite the indication. I could only find the source code of the CMSIS in the examples.

Thank you!

  • Hi Angler84,

    I asked Renesas staff this question before. They don't have a plan to support FSP for RE01B yet.

    It seems to have to use sample code for CMSIS implemented BLE stack when using BLE so far.

    This is only provided as sample code style, I mean it doesn't FSP style.

    This is a BLE product, so they only provide the source code version of the CMSIS package. 

    But this request is needed to prepare to provide FSP style.