RE01B library version to handle I2C


Starting from the ble_project_server, I have tried to create a firmware to handle I2C communication between RE01B and a HS3001 sensor.
In this first solution the I2C callback, defined in the initialization procedure, is never called.
Then I have created a new project with e2studio, added the same application (.c and .h) files and the driver files. This second solution works.

I have seen that some files are different.

Why did I have obtained different results? 
Which is the right way to create a new firmware application?


  • Hi brufra,

    I think your first project didn't set VOCR register.

    VOCR register is a feature to disturb input signal when it is set "1".(Default values are "1" for each bit) .

    New project has a code for setting VOCR register as default. 

    I think this is difference in the both two. Could you check VOCR register first?

  • Hi.

    Thanks for your the replay.

    In both solutions I have set VOCR register by the function 
    to propagate all values.
    In a realistic scenario, may be this is not the best solution.

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