RE01B LDO turns off


Is there an application note that explain which is the right way to turn off internal LDO and use external voltage regulators connected to VCL and VCLH?

Also, I have seen in the files r_system_api.c and r_system_api.h (in the r01an5606xx0220-re01b-ble/ble_project_server project) that is missing the protect register PRCR->PRC4 handle. Instead, this handle is available in the RE01 project files (r01an4837_re_power_management_1500kb project).
Is it not possible to turn off LDO on RE01B device?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Herald and PONSUKE.

    Sorry about the delay.

    I was able to stop internal LDO and use the external regulators to generate VCL and VCLH.

    The main problem was in the r_system_api.c, r_system_api.h  and RE01B_1500KB.h files for RE01B. In these files was not defined rispectively PRCR->PRC4 handle and the LDOCR register. So I'have to add it manualy.

    Can I suggest to add it in the next release?


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