New RX140 project with warnings "unused static functions"

I have a new RX140 project that that I used the smart configurator to create the MTU0, MTU1, MTU2 timer functions as well as SCI12 SPI functions; all of which include interrupts. When I build the project, I get no errors but I am concerned about the warnings I am getting. Every interrupt has a warning associated with it. The warning is "Unused static function". I see the call to create the interrupt functions in: void R_Systeminit(void) and I added R_Config_MTU0_Start(); and the other interrupt start functions to my code. Additionally I set a variable to increment in one of the interrupts so as not to be empty. Still they all have warnings. Am I missing something like setting the "I" bit? Is it something to do with using 2 stacks?


  • e2 Studio 2022-04
  • RX140 (R5F51403ADFM)
  • 2 stacks (user and interrupt)

I used e2 studio 7.5 several years back and don't recall needing to do anything further to get the interrupts working. I hope to resolve the warnings and begin entering code into those interrupts so when my target board arrives I am ready for it.

I would be grateful for any suggestions,