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Can NOT add GCC for Renesas RX Toolchain

In my case, there is no the GCC for Renesas Rx Toolchain in the Renesas Toolcahin Management menu.

So I try to add a path of the GCC for Renesas RX by mually.

But although I insert the path of the GCC for Renesas RX, the 'OK' button don`t be enabled.

And e2 studio display the below error message.

Unable to detect toolchain in specified path, please ensure e2 studio toolchain support is installed for target device.
[GNU] e.g. <Toolchain_Path>\GNURXv12.02-ELF\rx-elf
[Renesas] e.g. <Toolchain_Path>\RX\1_2_1

Anyone know why I can not add the GCC for Renesas Rx Toolchain path by manullay?