USB String Descriptors - Customized Names Were Not Displayed When USB Connected To The System

Hi Community,

I am using RX72NN group, R5F572NNDDFB microcontroller. I have used sample code provided by the Renesas to test USB String Description Working, using the link shown in the below image:

I have pasted a part of the code, (Two descriptors U have shared, There are seven string descriptions).

Successfully USB communication is established in echo mode. Whatever I type and send in serial window app , I am receiving the same. This is perfect.

But, once I have connected my microcontroller board to the computer, after opening device manager (Windows -10) , checking USB ports it is displaying USB Serial Device ( COM8) under [Ports (COM & LPT) section]. There is no display of product ID, product name RENESAS etc. Even I have checked in universal bus controllers, here also no display.

Please provide me the suggestions to see the string descriptions (Product ID, product name etc.) on the computer(Window-10) display.

Thanks, and regards,
Karthik N. C.