RX231: Noise filter on phase counter MTCLKA, MTCLKB


is there a way to set a noise digital filter on MTCLKA, MTCLKB when I used them as Phase counting signal?

In documentation is written that the width of each signal must be at least 2,5 PCLK, but these means that is a filter or the functionality is not guarenteed?

Thanks MassCard

  • 3 consecutive match or it's treated as noise.

    sampling clock could be PCLK, PCLK/8 or PCLK/32 or an external clock.

    If the signal you are trying to capture has small width( 2.5 PCLK), you need a higher sampling clock to catch it

  • Hi Yep, If i read correctly for RX231 PCLK, PCLK/8,... are settable only for MTIOCnA, MTIOCnB, not for MTCLKA, MTCLKB, MTCLKC and MTCLKD.

    It's not clear if also MTCLKA, MTCLKB, MTCLKC and MTCLKD are filter with 3 consecutive match, but the clock sampling is not selectable.

    For example the device Rx72M that with use for other application the signal MTCLKA, MTCLKB, MTCLKC and MTCLKD have their filter register

    I'm sorry for the bold charater


  • No mention of NF for MTCLKA, MTCLKB. in RX231 manuals. => no NF. PCLK is used for edge detection of MTCLKA/B. That's where you get the restrictions.


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