RX65NC using T4, not working untill cpu stopped at BP once.

Using RX65NC, T4, e2Studio.

Ethernet is not working, untill I insert a breakpoint somewhere to make it stop once. It will work perfectly then. Click IDE's pause button also works.

Communication part source code is porting from another project which is running without problem.

Please advise.

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  • T4 uses two interrupts, the ethernet interrupt and a timer interrupt.

    Since the ethernet worked consistently after one break, I thought the timer interrupt must also work as normal. It turns out that, ethernet worked, but timer interrupt did not. The break made the timer interrupt worked only once. That enabled the ethernet device. But for the timer interrupt, there need to be a break before every interrupt.

    I moved T4 timer from CMT0 to CMT1, and it works now. CMT0' s interrupt still not coming, untill a break.

    The problem is narrow down to CMT0 now.

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