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ISL9113 input voltage range

We are looking at using the ISL9113 in a battery-powered application that can expect the battery to provide 1.9 to 3.0 volts before the batteries should be replaced.  We need it to produce a regulated 5V output at around an 80 - 120 mA load.

The datasheet is a bit confusing because it lists the input voltage range as 0.8-4.7 V, but then it lists a minimum start-up voltage as 3.0 V.  The next line in the table lists a UVLO of 0.7 V. 

So which is it?  What minimum voltage is needed at the VBat terminal to run the device? 

Thank you


  • Hi Ron, I see you submitted these questions through our website's technical support system and was assigned Ticket 346971. I will answer that ticket shortly through our technical support system.