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ISL94212 daisy chain

i am working on ISL94212 BMS  i connected two devices in daisy chain mode and interfaced with stm32 through SPI. first device giving correct 40 bytes of all cell voltage along with VBAT but second device not respond any data or sometime garbage data.

  • Hello Ram,

    I suspect you are the same customer who submitted this same question a few days ago through our website's Technical Support Inquiry system. 

    Our factory apps engineer who is responsible for this part said: 

    We strongly recommend customers download and review our sample code and documentation for this device.  The issue you are reporting is due to the software implementation. Garbage data is usually due to communications synchronization, not properly servicing the DataReady pin and/or fault detection.

    We also recommend you consider the RAA489204 device for this application, it also has sample code and helpful documentation.

    Best regards,


  • I am trying to synchronize  SPI communication  as per datasheet but doesn't work .

    can you send some initial commands or to start board and clean data. because I am facing this issue since last 2-3 weeks.

  • You have already submitted your questions through out website's technical support inquiry system. I am the only Intersil apps engineer responding to questions on this ISL forum. No need to submit your questions on this forum and then again through our website's technical support system. I have no further comments to add to your questions about this part on our forum. The factory apps engineer has already told you the following: 

    We appreciate and understand that they need help, but we need more information. 

    “Sometimes we get garbage” is not enough. 

    They need to compare their code to the sample code to resolve their software problem.