My name is babu vishwanath I am currently working on the ISL94202EVMKIT, so my doubt are:-

1) In order to supply power to the battery we use J10 in the Eval1Z module, and to discharge we use J11, so my question is if I am charging my battery pack, where should I connect my charger ground and to discharge battery where should I connect the load ground?

2)  I have a plan to use 4s cells, so in which Jumper I should do the short circuit, could you please clarify that clearly? 

3) In the EVM module where can I connect my SDA and SCL pins of Arduino? could you mention the place in the main evaluation board which consists of main IC.

  • The team who supports our Intersil battery monitor parts has very limited resources at this time due to very large projects for high volume customers and they cannot support questions coming in from University students such as yourself, or from customers using a non-company email address. All our resources for these parts are posted on our website.