ISL91127IRAZ Datasheet error?

I am looking to using this buck/boost converter, ISL91127IRAZ, in a design that requires 5V from a LiPO battery.  My plan was to use the ISL91127IRAZ because I can adjust it to output 5V.  However when I read the datasheet for this device, see below, it says that VREF should be connected to ground to allow the device to use the external resistors to set the output voltage.  I found on the block diagram that VREF is also the VIN pin so my understanding of this sentence is that the VIN pin must be connected to GND.  However all the example circuit diagrams including Fig 20 showing an example Adjustable Output Application has VIN connected to PVIN. 

Is this an error in the text of the datasheet or is the schematic on Fig 20 incorrect? 

Is VREF actually VIN?

To use a ISL91127IRAZ in a circuit to output 5V where would I connect VIN?

FN8859 Rev 1.00 Page 10 of 12
August 3, 2016
Output Voltage Programming, Adjustable
When VREF is connected to GND, setting and controlling the
output voltage of the ISL91127IRAZ (adjustable output version)
can be accomplished by selecting the external resistor values.

Thanks for your help.