Help to get started with ZMOD4450 gas sensor with Arduino

Hello everyone !

First, you have to know that I am quite a beginner in electronics...

I have recently bought the US082-ZMOD4450EVZ board for a personnal project in order to monitor food ripening in my fridge. That board uses the ZMOD4450 gas sensor.

For the moment, my project is running into the sand because I don't know how to plugg that board on my Arduino..

I am using an Arduino Uno R3 as MCU for this project.

First problem, how to plugg that sensor board on my Arduino ? In the US082-ZMOD4450EVZ Evaluation Board Manual, there is no pin assignments of the 12 pins Pmod interface.

I only have the schematic diagram :

I know that I have to plugg pins on the J1 module, but which ones ? There should be one for SDA, one for SCL, two for ground and one for power ?

From this view, I would say pin 3 is for the I2C SDA, pin 4 for I2C SCL, pin 2 and 8 for ground and 1 or 7 for power supply ?

In parralel, I have already downloaded the ZMOD firmware package. But here comes the second problem : impossible to run the example code due to this error : "The code could not be executed because FTD2XX.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.". My computer runs with Windows 10, I also tried to run the example with an other computer (working with Linux) but ain't working neither. Is it because I haven't plugged the sensor's board on my Arduino yet ? (I told you, I am a beginner...).

As I am note using a Renesas MCU kit, things are not easy for me ! But I am willing to learn about electronics, so any help from the community would be welcome !

Have a nice day

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