ZMOD4410 Custom algorithm


We would like to develop our own sensing algorthm.

We can access raw data and especially the resistance values in the 'result' strunct but it corresponds to a 13 byte long uitn8_t array.

Could you explain where we can find the resistance values amongst these 13 byte.


  • Hello FG,

    the resistance values of the ZMOD4410 are printed out from this array in the example code one by one. There is no assignment, the ZMOD4410 provides multiple raw values. Please follow the procedure in the example code.

            } else {
                printf("*********** Measurements ***********\n");
                for (int i = 0; i < 13; i++) {
                    printf(" Rmox[%d] = ", i);
                    printf("%.3f kOhm\n", algo_results.rmox[i] / 1e3);

    Kind Regards