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Programming the RC22504A itself via OTP.

I would like to configure the RC22504A itself via OTP.  Can you provide OTP programming procedures and support as you mention in the datasheet?

  • We don't provide OTP field programming information.


    You should be able to obtain specifics of the OTP programming from Semtech.  When it comes to using the Clock Generator, you should just have to power it up, hang a crystal reference on it, and the get output clocks that are needed per the Semtech design.  If you wish to alter any of the OTP’d settings, that can be done through the I2C interface.  If you need more information than what is provided in the datasheet to accomplish this programming, we ought to be able to help.  If you wish to have your own settings burned in for power up/reset purposes, you will need to apply for your own custom OTP part number and setup.


    RC22504A Custom Part Configuration Utility | Renesas Electronics Corporation