Oscillator range change settings

RFP v2.05 have limit settings range (16-48MHz). My target board use 6.0 MHz .

I seem range settings in pr5 file . Can do change Oscillator range settings ?

RANSET=005000000 000000000 016000000 048000000 00C3 0550 0280 0000 0000 0000

  • You don't say which device you use so it is impossible to give a detailed reply.
    The oscillator frequency in the PR5 file relates to the operating speed of the processor, bot the connected external clock.
    I doubt that your device allows to connect an external 48MHz oscillator.
    In many cases the processor uses an on-chip high speed oscillator as processor clock, probably as input to the PLL circuit. In this case it does not matter at all which external oscillator is being used.
  • Hello,

    How is your issue? Have you found how to change the Oscillator range?

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