gcc cross complier for legacy microcontroller [h8s, sh2] for linux Ubuntu 64 bit (19.x and newer)

Hello guys,

I'd like to find the package for Ubuntu 64-bit of the legacy microcontroller's compilers [h8s, sh1,2], or the instractuin about which version of gcc could be successfully built from the source for such micros.

Any hints will be more than appreciated.



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  • Hello Michael, Hello all.
    after a lot of work I have got up and running the 64-bit (under ubuntu 20.04) version of gcc cross sompiler for sh and h8.

    for Sh I built c,c++; for H8 only c (c++ I tried but I got an internal xgcc compiler error so I did not invest further time since no need of c++ in my personal case).
    I installed in /usr/local/gcc-6.3.0
    If any of you is interested, I can share the bin file (tar.bz2 through google drive).
    The manual work to be done for building from the sources is really massive. I wrote some notes but it is not a real fully comprehensive guideline. So if any of you is interested in the bin file for Ubuntu 64 bit, let me know.
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