PG-FP6 flashing problem with RL78/G13

I've just detected a strange problem using two PG-FP6's programmers flashing RL78/G13 uC's. They have been used for flashing this kind of uC's for some time without problems. Suddenly, when using FP6 Terminal, an error arise when flashing:



Firmware Version V1.01.00

Board H/W V3

Serial No.: 8FN00565

Standard mode unsecured


ERROR(E016): Connection or Synchronisation failed.



And at the PG-FP6 screen:

ERROR: 016

Baudrt. set fail



- The problem happens with two of our FP6 units. Using the same setup with a other units there's no problem at all. 

- Autodetected speed is always 1Mbit, for the working units and for the non-working units.

- Those problematic units have worked properly with the same configuration until now.

- Those problematic units work without problems with Rx family uC's.


All the units, those with the problem and those without it, run firmware version V1.01.00

At first moment we thought of a unit malfunction, but seeing that the units are working properly with other uC's and that we've got the problem at the same time with two different units, I'd like to know if we should take something in consideration before sending them for repair.

Thanks in advance,

Ignasi Villagrasa

EGO Appliance Cntrols S.L.U.

  • Hi Ignasi Villagrasa,

    Have you figured out now what's causing this problem? Have you checked if there's no problem with the connections or the target board of the RL78/G13 device? Or maybe you've made some changes that you forgot.

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator

  • Hi JB,

    Let me briefly describe the sequence,

    We detected at first the problem in two different laptops with two different programmers. It was strange the same problem at more or less the same time. We tested the two problematic units with a Rx configuration and it worked properly. So the problem only seems to arise when flashing RL78/G13. Later on, we tested a third unit flashing RL78/G13 noticing that it worked properly.

    After that, we prepared the same conditions in a single laptop. Same FP6 terminal version (V1.01.00). A test.esf file specifically generated for uC R5F100JE. We confirmed that, only replacing FP6 units, the two problematic units failed and third one was still working properly. We checked that auto-detected baud rate was 1MB for the three units.

    In the past we already had some problems with FP5 and FP6 units and we sent them to Renesas service for repair. But never something like this. An error we have never got, in two separate units, same error typology at more or less the same time, and the units working properly with other uC. So there's no clear error, for instance, at the TARGET interface, or at USB interface, or at power supply.

    That's the reason for the post. To get feedback about the problem and perhaps analogies with other existing cases before sending the units for repair.