FP6 Terminal V1.05.01

Dear Renesas Rulz community,

we use programmer PF-FP6 for programming RAJ240090 (via FP6 Terminal V1.05.01).

In FP6 Terminal user's manual is figure 4.6 (something like bellow):

How can I change this two mode?

Because, I need set 2 data flash blocks, for example:

1. 0 - 100

2. 102 - 126

For RAJ240090 is default mode "Left", where I can set only one group of blocks, not every block separatelly.

So that, I do not want flash block 101 and 127. How can I do this?

Thanks for your answer.


Peter Stellmach

  • Hello Peter Stellmach!

    How's it going? According to the PG-FP6 release note, "target blocks can now be designated one by one on the [Block Setting] tabbed page of the [Setup] dialog box, instead of only having [Start Block] and [End Block] to set up a range." I am not sure if this is applicable for RAJ240090.

    I hope you could wait for our experts to respond to this. Thank you for your patience.

    All the best!

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator


  • Hello Sai,

    For now (this sample production), we use the simple communication with Renesas Flash Programmer V3.06.01. But maximal speed of this is 115 200 bps, so that time for programming is about 45 second. This is not acceptable for production. It is only temporally solution. Interesting is, that Renesas Flash Programmer V3.06.01 find our target chip as RAA240130X where we can set blocks one by one and all running.

    Speed for PG-FP6 is 1 000 000 bps (programming time about 5 seconds).

    When should be implemented mode "One by One" for this chip (RAJ240090)? Because we bought 2 PR-FP6 and order 2 for other production, which we can not use, for now.

    Have you any solution for us?

    Best Regards

    Peter Stellmach