PG-FP6 Fails Flashing & SelfTest

Hi there,

we have a tester setup with 6 pcs PG-FP6 flashers. All six were working, they are newly bought parts with Programmer Version V1.05.00. Interface is CSI with 5MHz speed.

More or less on the same day 2 of them stopped working. When we unplug all connections except power & serial to PC and run the self test we get slightly different errors:

Testing Target and Remote interface:

Test Part1

Input: 0x0790 Error!

Wrong signals: SCK SI/RXD SO/TXD

Target and Remote-Interface Test: FAIL

The other programmer says:

Output: 0x0004 Input: 0x0000 Error

Wrong signals: FLMD0

Target and Remote-Interface Test: FAIL

What happened to these programmers ? Is this a real electrical interface problem or do we have a setup/software issue here ?

Thank you very much

Best Regards


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