RFP is not able to connect after option bytes are set.

I set the option bytes by RFP, it's an unexpected action and after that i can't connect to the controller any more.

- The error appeared: Error(E1000006): A frequency error occurred in the device. (Command: 32, Response: D2)
Operation failed.  --> i make sure that the frequency is correct (16MHz, rh850)

- Tool : E1 emulator (5&14CDDBF3&0&2), --> tool is wrong detection.

==> my question is: what is solution for this issue or are there any solution to reset the option bytes when RFP be not able to be connected?

  • You don't mention which device you are trying to use, nor do you provide useful screen shots of the sequence of events leading up to the problem, which would be helpful to see.

    Absent that information, I can only guess that perhaps you programming an illegal configuration into your device option bytes that has effectively locked you out.  P1x-C devices are particularly susceptible to such lockout with bad option byte data.

    Bottom line would be that if RFP cannot connect to the device, there is not a way to change the option bytes unless user code that specifically provides this functionality has been included in the application software programmed into the device.