pg-FP6 in Production


we have a group of products wich use allt he same kind of µC but different firmware. i want to build a flashing station with an PG-FP6.

when i scann the Datamatix from the board i can detect which board is insde the flashstation, now i have to flashing the correct firmware.

So my first question is, can i load the config files in the programmer (because is always the same) and take the firmware file from this folder on the pc to flashing the µC ?

my second question is, when i have to reflash one board i need to install a other firmware first to delete the EPROMM. so i have to do like that

  • flashing delete_EPROMM.hey
  • booting the hole board
  • wating
  • flashing final_firmware.hex

can i do that in a makro?

Many Thanks.

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