Error when using E1 emulator


Cannot debug when using E1 emulator.

The error message is as follows:

Error(E0204001) : Download failed.

[Direct Error Cause]
Incorrect ID Code.(C0602202)

Security ID of the configuration interface is 00000000000000000000.

The program memory is allocated as follows:

;ROM: 128K, RAM: 8K, DFLS: 4K
;0x00000 ~ 0x1FFFF ROM(128K)
;0x20000 ~ 0xEFFFF Rsvd
;0xF0000 ~ 0xF07FF 2nd SFR(2K)
;0xF0800 ~ 0xF0FFF Rsvd
;0xF1000 ~ 0xF1FFF DFLS(4K)
;0xF2000 ~ 0xFDEFF Mirror(47.75K)
;0xFDF00 ~ 0xFFEFF RAM(8K)
;0xFFF00 ~ 0xFFFFF 1st SFR(256B)
MEMORY ROM : ( 00000000H, 0001FE00H ) / REGULAR
MEMORY ROM_OCD : ( 0001FE00H, 00000200H )

MEMORY RAM : ( 000FE700H, 000017E0H ) / REGULAR
MEMORY RAM_GPR : ( 000FFEE0H, 00000020H )
;FDF00~FDFBF should be resvered for R5F10BGG FDL T01
;FDF00~FE2FD should be resvered for R5F10BGG EEL T01
MEMORY RAM_EELUD : ( 000FE300H, 00000400H )

Hope to get help.