E1 self check failed.


When I am trying to download program with e1 emulator I got error like "No Response from CPU". So I done self-check test of the E1 emulator.In that Test 2 became failed. And I get detailed error response below.

*** E1/E20 Self Check Program Log ***

  [Emulator]            E1
  [Serial Number]       2CS027332
  [EML Board Ver.]      02
  [E1E20SCP Ver.]
  [FFW Ver.]  
  [BFW Level0 Ver.]
  [BFW EML Ver.]
  [BFW EML Kind]        0004
  [BFW EML Sub]         0000
  [BFW FDT Ver.]
  [monpprog Timestamp]  2013/02/07 16:54
  [FPGA Ver.]           07
  [Inspection day]      2014.03.11

  [Result of TEST1]     PASS
  [Result of TEST2]     FAIL (Error 2230)
  [Result of TEST3]     Not executed

  [Error Message]       The E1/E20 self-check has failed.

  [Error Detail]
    Loop back or Open check has been failed.
      Error Number      : Error 2230
      Error pin number  : 13pin
      Internal info     : ERROR_3, High, Initial state

  [Contents of the E1/E20 Self Check Program]
  TEST1 : Internal module check
  TEST2 : Loop back check
  TEST3 : Open check

I am using External power supply in this board. May be this problem occurred due to malfunction of internal power supply and external power supply.

So please give me suggestion that how can I solve this problem.

  • The error message says pin 13 is not working. So you have 2 possibilities:

    - The inline resistor RA7 (22 Ohm x 4) is damaged.

    - The driver IC IC11 (SN74LVC8T245) is damaged.

    - The XILINX FPGA IC2 (XC3S200A-4FTG256C, Spartan-3A) is damaged.

  • Hi FrankL,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Previously I changed the inline resistor RA7 so the emulator work perfectly only for 1 day. After that it is not  worked. So I also changed IC11(SN74LVC8T245). But, it didnot work properly.

    So is this issue with RA7 resistor or the FPGA?

    When I remove the IC11 at that time in it's foot print Pin number 14(B8) & 20(B2) is short with ground. So it is by default short with ground or any short-circuit is occurred over there.

  • Please check again carefully. Pins 20 and 14 should not be shorted. Pin 20 is the reset input.

    Following pins have GND connection on IC11: 2, 11, 12, 13, 14, 22.

    I'm sorry, IC11 is only an input buffer. The output signals for reset are generated by transistors T2 and T3 (DTC123EE). If one of them is damaged RESET may be connected to GND via this transistor.