DA14531+i2c sensor - readout problem

Hi RR,

I ran into a problem, where the setup is following: DA14531 DB with an i2c sensor connected through Pro devkit. SDA is P2_7, SCL is P2_8, software and hardware is tested and working - another code, which reads the sensor runs flawless.

This code, which runs to NMI handler __BKPT(0) is doing a normal i2c readout, nothing special. Flash is disabled, it is running from debug, because I use hibernation. Wake up and sleep works, but when I try to run the readout function, code stops at __BKPT(0).

What is __BKPT(0)?

Why does i2c readout not work? Same code runs in anouther sketch without problems.

Attached two pics from IDE.

Thanks in advance!



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